Wednesday, March 2, 2011

great wall of china

The Qin created the great wall of china and if people died they put the people under the wall. It was more then 100 years the work on the wall. They used people that was bad to work on it. they did this to protect them form the mogolia.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Legalism in the Qin dynasty

legalism was a new government system. Legalists made laws that if people did something bad they would get a arm or something off their body or harsh punishment. Legalists believed that unless people
are punished, they would not stop doing bad things. under legalism in the Qin Dynasty Legalists made people that did not obey make the great wall of China and it was illegal to disagree with the government

Friday, February 18, 2011

Q. Why did your army cut people head off.
A. people cut people head off because they wont to rank up.

Q. Who long did you wait to be the first leader.
A. It toke me 10 hard years to be the first leader.

Q. What did you do if someone died working on the great wall of china.
A. We just put then under the great wall of China.

Q. do you care about your people.
A. yes i do they do a lot of stuff for.

Q. why do you wanted to be the first leader.
A. so i can make china better.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Front Page News Article

Lord Shang Army Is Unbeatable
Lord Shang leads the Qin Army to defeat the Chu Kingdom. Lord Shang is an important official to Ying Zheng. Lord Shang demands courage in his soldiers. Soldiers move up in rank by cutting people's heads off. Someone from The Chu Dynasty thinks "Cutting people head off is cruel". Lord Shang thinks that cutting people's heads off is good. the Qin Army is brutal and outstanding.


1) The Qin dynasty was bigger then the Zhou dynasty it has four sections.
2) The Zhou dynasty is smaller the The Qin dynasty but bigger then the eastern Zhou dynasty.
3) The western Zhou dynasty is the smallest of them all.
4) In the Qin dynasty they belt the grate wall of china. Many people died building the grate wall of china and many people were burred under it.